Bookstore finds joy in You Tube hit


Type Books on Toronto’s Queen St. West has garnered unexpected international attention with its You Tube sensation, The Joy of Books.

The stop-action animation has gone viral since being posted January 9. By week’s end, more than one million people had viewed the video, which has also been featured on major television stations in Canada.

Created by Sean Ohlenkamp, art director at ad agency Lowe Roche, the two-minute video gives us a glimpse of what goes on in these bookstores when the human folk have left for the day. Original music from the Grayson Matthews studio helps set a magical mood.

The video took four nights to film, with a gaggle of volunteers helping to shelve and reshelve the books through the wee hours, from store closing at 6 p.m. to reopening at 10 the next morning.

You can see the video at, at Type Books or at the Grayson Matthews website.


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